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The Evalia is good at people moving, and writes new rules for the segment. But with competition offering better packages, it’s on thin ice.

  • Comfort

    If you're looking for Innova-like comfort, you've come to the wrong place. But it's not a bad place to be if you set the Xylo as a benchmark

  • Performance

    a small 1.5-litre engine powers this fairly large van. It does act cranky initially but gets better as you pile on revs

  • Cool

    Cool? What's that? Its functional, lets keep the cool part aside

  • Quality

    The Japs have made sure the fit and finish is not too bad. But again, don't expect Toyota quality

  • Handling

    It handles rather well for a van. But the sheer weight (when fully loaded) and FWD results into heavy understeer

  • Practicality

    Now you're talking! It's been built to be practical. Take seven people and their luggage over long distances

  • Running costs

    The smaller dCi engine is pretty efficient and ensure you go at least 12km a litre even when its fully loaded