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A wonderful driver’s car with great dynamics and ride quality. It manages to be efficient at the same time. Great looking car, from the front anyway, one that will appeal greatly to driving enthusiasts.

  • Comfort

    Rides better than a lot of Japanese, Korean and even German competitors. But room at the back is tight for a car of this size and this cost. Comes very well-equipped, though.

  • Performance

    While this makes 10 more horses than the old 100bhp Fiesta, it doesn't feel that fast. It will not set your pulse racing.

  • Cool

    It's a cool car as long as you can keep that rear and that boot hidden from sight.

  • Quality

    The interiors are durable, but look and feel cheap. But the car is built well overall and doesn't rattle or squeak, if you keep it in good shape.

  • Handling

    It's a Ford. They make cars that handle when they are asleep. This Fiesta is nothing less. But for those of you grown up on the old Fiesta and the FIesta S, this new one won't meet your standards. While this Fiesta handles well, the sensation, the fun and the feedback that you got from the old one is all gone.

  • Practicality

    It's very conventional and not terribly spacious. Nor can you do too much of folding and reclining for flexibility. No, you can't move houses in it.

  • Running costs

    The Fiesta started life as the most expensive car in its segment. Then they slashed prices ruining the already brittle resale value. It's not very expensive car to run. But it's got a foolish sticker price. And you'd need to be foolish to expect a great price when you try to sell it.