Fiesta Classic


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Fiesta Classic

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  • Who says life is all about compromises?

Ford's big player in India is a well sorted, well thought-out car. Has been face lifted which has made it expensive. Still competent. Great ride and handling.

  • Comfort

    It may look small, but is spacious for five and has incredible ride.

  • Performance

    The diesel is dull, but the 1.6 petrol begs you to keep it on the boil.

  • Cool

    The Fiesta 1.6S in Aqua Blue will make you stand out anywhere.

  • Quality

    The onus here is more on durability, than on feel. Acceptable to us.

  • Handling

    Given a choice, it would only choose owners who have a house on top of a hill.

  • Practicality

    It's fast, it's fun, it's spacious, it's comfortable. Who says life is all about compromises?

  • Running costs

    Raspy, revvy petrol is less efficient than competition, but good value considering performance. Diesel can take you across states on a full tank.