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Flying Spur

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  • This big saloon exists to waft. It’s an S-Class rival, not a 599-bashing track-day car.

It’s a more-door Continental and actually the better for it. The ‘Speed’ variant is currently the fastest saloon in the world at over 200mph top end.

  • Comfort

    A very comfy car given the potential speed, the Spurt can deliver on the cross-continental blast. Can be a little bit choppy on the larger wheel sizes, but this is a very, very fast car, so you have to make some compromises. And there's masses of space for four.

  • Performance

    That 6.0-litre W12 packs a 552bhp punch (600bhp in the ‘Speed) and can get the Flying Spur to 100kph in 4.9 seconds via the four-wheel drive transmission.

  • Cool

    There's something about a Flying Spur that means that it remains cool even when the Conti GT is exclusively populated by nouveau riche retards. The four-door just seems more regal...

  • Quality

    Of the finest fit'n'finish in the world. Hand-sorted, smells right, good equipment levels. It's not quite the gorgeous profligacy of the Arnage, but it looks great and doesn't seem to fall to bits.

  • Handling

    The four-wheel drive makes the Flying Spur surprisingly chuckable despite its bulk. There's plenty of grip and the steering always puts the car exactly where you want it - and it feels like it sheds a tonne or so on a backroad.

  • Practicality

    The boot's huge, the back's huge, it's a great saloon. You'll just have to get your butler to fill it up a lot, is all.

  • Running costs

    Utter brain crippling depreciation in this market - you have to want one.