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  • Comfortable, high seats, rides well over broken roads.

Last of the old-school SUVs, big on everything with a lot of show. A proper boy's toy.

  • Comfort

    Comfortable, high seats, rides well over broken roads. Not very stable at high speeds.

  • Performance

    Massive amounts of torque from the 3-litre diesel will catapult you past most others. Well matched five-speed manual gearbox too.

  • Cool

    Tall, wide and hefty with a lot of chrome always goes down well. Dress it up with bigger alloys and it gets cooler.

  • Quality

    Cabin and build quality are pretty good although styling is a bit old school.

  • Handling

    Ladder frame chassis, tall stature don't do good to the handling. Pretty good off-road.

  • Practicality

    Great car to have if the weekend bug tickles you often to head to places less travelled.

  • Running costs

    Diesel engine is decently efficient but bangs will be expensive to fix.