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  • If a Rolls-Royce is what you want but the Phantom feels oversized, then this is just the right fit.

Start here if you want to graduate to the next level automotive experience. The smaller, hence cheaper, Ghost has all the character of a proper R-R down to the minutest of detail.

  • Comfort

    That’s a given. Rolls-Royce claims the Ghost is made to drive. Whatever. What we can tell you is that this is still one of the most comfortable places to be in. You can lounge on the seats and everything around you reeks of class. The ride is supple and you just might think that Indian roads are not that bad after all.

  • Performance

    Don’t be fooled by the serenity inside the cabin. There is a 6592cc V12 monster working out under the humungous bonnet. 563bhp and 780nm means the car is quick – 0-100kph in under 5 seconds should win you most impromptu drag races. Although make sure you have a clean stretch ahead.

  • Cool

    The average age of a Ghost buyer in India is 55 years. But worry not. Because, in 90 per cent of these purchases, the 55-year-old gifts the car to his 25-year-old son. So there is an element of coolness with that size, performance and badge.

  • Quality

    If you make a list of automotive manufacturers which has managed to earn respect in quality over its near century-old-existence, Rolls-Royce is right up there. The Ghost is no exception considering its made by the same people under the same roof that builds the Phantom.

  • Handling

    Not a sportscar, but doesn’t fare too badly. Steering is nicely weighted and gives you good feedback to know how the car is doing. The length and giant proportions means there is a bit of roll but that’s expected.

  • Practicality

    What can we say? It can seat four in supreme comfort, has a decent-sized boot and a high-tech aids to make little work of parking the car even in small spaces. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special high octane fuel.

  • Running costs

    In the city is returns around 4.5kpl. Goes to around 10.5 on the highway. Doesn’t sound too bad but running costs will be high. Thankfully, the car comes with a maintenance package when you buy it. Sorted, then. Just need that 3 crore down payment now. . .