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  • Gl's at home whether you take the family for a weekend of adventure or to a boutique hotel.

One of the more capable luxury SUVs which combines great on-road manners with off-road ability.

  • Comfort

    Seven seats aren't a stretch and this car can prove it. Plenty of space and aircon vents for everyone.

  • Performance

    Three-litre diesel has just enough grunt. Not quick (like the mad Q7 - 4.2TDI), but certainly not lethargic either.

  • Cool

    Big, bad SUVs are super cool in the TopGear book and this one is the biggest, if not the baddest one around.

  • Quality

    Reeks of quality. Top notch quality of leather and plastics though the dash design looks dated.

  • Handling

    It behaves surprisingly well for a plus sized SUV, especially when you stick it into 'Sport' mode.

  • Practicality

    The humongous proportions makes it cumbersome around the city, but if you like long drives with the family you couldn't ask for a better car.

  • Running costs

    You'll be thanking your stars that it's only a 3-litre diesel. Good for about 7-8kpl.