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The most beautiful, comfortable and fun of grand-tourers around.

  • Comfort

    One of the few two-door grand tourers that can seat two proper adults at the back. Not as spacious at the back as the Ferrari FF, but way better than anything from Bentley, Jaguar, Aston, BMW and Mercedes.

  • Performance

    The 4.2-litre 400bhp is a bit slow compared to immediate competition. But it still sounds and feels good. If you want the ultimate, edge-of-the-seat theatrics, you need the 450bhp MC Stradale. But the S with 440bhp is perfect. Fun, fast and gentlemanly.

  • Cool

    Even Ferrari doesn't make a car that's this beautiful.

  • Quality

    This isn't built like a bank vault. And if you drive it into a tree, it will cause you injury. If you can get your head around such logic, this Maserati should last you well.

  • Handling

    This is a heavy car, and it wasn't developed extensively at the Nurburgring. Possibly why the steering feels so great and true. Even if the chassis has some weak spots, the feedback you get easily counters it.

  • Practicality

    This has a small boot, but that seems to have liberated more space at the rear for humans. As far as grand tourers go, room for four and some bits of luggage is more than practical in our books.

  • Running costs

    This requires high octane premium stuff. And lots of it. Not the car for if you like to count your coins.