GT 5


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GT 5

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  • Typical BMW, high quality stuff.

Space and luxury in a package that's neither limo, nor SUV, nor estate. Quirky and interesting, but there are better, more conventional options.

  • Comfort

    Ride is firm, but four people have enough space to lounge about.

  • Performance

    Engines are great. Especially the diesel, which is actually smooth and free-revving. Very much a TGV for the road.

  • Cool

    If being quirky and different is your thing, then it's damn cool. But it's not great looking, and not way too functional

  • Quality

    Typical BMW, high quality stuff.

  • Handling

    Very un-BMW. Makes its two-tonne weight very apparent around corners. If you are looking for a driving machine, don't even get close.

  • Practicality

    Incredibly spacious for four, but the trick hatch-cum-boot doesn't offer anything extra over a conventional boot, hatch, or SUV.

  • Running costs