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Additional Info

Tough old goat will go anywhere, but will crack your bones.

  • Comfort

    Leaf springs will give the rear seat passengers a lesson on human anatomy.

  • Performance

    Small, but peppy engine in a light body makes this a rather fun to drive car.

  • Cool

    You could either have a T-shirt that says, I love adventure, or you could drive the Gypsy. Fact that it's used rallies and by the Army, make it that much cooler.

  • Quality

    Things will just about be there at the same spot when you saw them last.

  • Handling

    Decent for something so old.

  • Practicality

    As a people carrier, only the driver and co-driver will actually be comfortable. The rear cab is more for inanimate rather than animate objects.

  • Running costs

    It's got a small petrol, but it's not the most efficient around. Plus this is more a car you buy out of love, rather than comfort or your family.