Indica eV2


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Indica eV2

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The Indica has more than delivered on the 'more car per car' promise. If only it were more refined.

  • Comfort

    One of the most spacious hatches out there. But unrefined and bumpy.

  • Performance

    It takes as much time to a 100 as it takes for files to move in bureaucrat's office.

  • Cool

    An Indica means you have a fleet taxi business and you requisition one of them for your use.

  • Quality

    The Indica's biggest bugbear. If it was not for this, it could have been a very acceptable family car.

  • Handling

    It cannot handle. No puns intended.

  • Practicality

    The Indica is more spacious than some of the new lot of premium hatches. And compact, too.

  • Running costs

    Engines are efficient, it's cheap to buy, spares are inexpensive. All the factors you satisfy yourself with when you buy a no-nonsense car.