Indigo Manza


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Indigo Manza

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It gets the quality and the feel Tata should have had when they began making cars. Still not great, but at least a start.

  • Comfort

    It's properly spacious and has extremely good ride

  • Performance

    To put it simply, this is transport. Performance is for race cars.

  • Cool

    Styling is still dowdy and overdone with unnecessary chrome and lines that aren't in sync

  • Quality

    Much better than usual Tata stuff, but still a notch below direct competition

  • Handling

    The chances of you enjoying the handling in this car is as remote as the possibility of Pamela Anderson falling flat on her face.

  • Practicality

    It's compact, spacious and that boot is properly humongous. Can swallow five large suitcases.

  • Running costs

    Engines are efficient. Diesel is outright stingy. And it costs nearly nothing to buy.