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  • Nothing feels cheap or easily breakable.

Incredible. Does absolutely everything, and does it with gusto.

  • Comfort

    Most comfortable people mover you can buy today. Comfy seats, good ride, lots of space.

  • Performance

    2-litre diesel does well enough in the city but runs out of breath at serious highway speeds.

  • Cool

    Rather difficult to make a people carrier cool, although the more recent facelift helps matter somewhat.

  • Quality

    Well made and put together. Nothing feels cheap of easily breakable.

  • Handling

    Lowered centre of gravity and well sorted suspension makes it surprisingly good on the twisty stuff.

  • Practicality

    Massively practical for large families, feels embarrassing when they aren't around.

  • Running costs

    Good build, efficient engine and easy to replace spares make it easy and reasonable to maintain.