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This is a great car that's let down by bad packaging and poor equipment levels.

  • Comfort

    Is as comfortable as flipping channels on your DTH box.

  • Performance

    Has two very good engines. A 2-litre diesel and an incredibly smooth and refined 1.4-litre petrol. Both are uncomplainingly good.

  • Cool

    It's about the last car that's going to turn heads or get you wolf-whistles.

  • Quality

    Apart from being bullet and bomb-proof, the car fulfills all expectations you'd have of lasting through time.

  • Handling

    Not a driver's car, but an able handler. Petrol, with the smaller, lighter engine is better to chuck around

  • Practicality

    Comfortable for five and good boot space. Can't expect more from a sedan.

  • Running costs

    The car is expensive to buy. And is not suitably equipped. But even with our skewed fuel prices, both engines are economical.