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The Koleos is a good package. It does everything you expect it to and more. Worthy option for those looking to replace their saloon with a crossover.

  • Comfort

    The Koleos is quite a comfortable cruiser thanks to its car-like ride quality and comfy seats.

  • Performance

    The Koleos isn't a scorcher, but will suffice for most people. The gearbox isn't very quick but works well enough if you're not always in a hurry.

  • Cool

    The Koleos looks good and has some useful equipment. Especially the Bose sound system which is indeed quite good.

  • Quality

    Quality in general is good, but there are some plastic bits that feel a little cheap.

  • Handling

    For a softroader, the handling is almost car-like. The steering provides decent feedback and it doesn't have any qualms about changing directions quickly.

  • Practicality

    We would have given it more marks if it was a seven-seater. But even in the five-seater layout, it works quite well with enough space all round including a big boot.

  • Running costs

    Since it's new, it's a little hard to know about the spares. But the diesel powerplant is efficient and should help you keep running costs low.