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  • Spacious, comfortable hatchback for the family person. Toyota badging to boast.

It's not necessarily the car you want but the car you need. Appeals more to the mind than the heart. Works for a sizeable chunk of our car-buying population.

  • Comfort

    Lots of space for five passengers. Seats are not huge but comfortable and offers lots of legroom.

  • Performance

    The 1.2 litre petrol engine offers very less torque at low rpm. Power delivery is lazy and the Liva is just fit for sedate cruising.

  • Cool

    Being a Toyota, the Etios Liva embodies all the characters of practicality and level-headedness to such a high level that it just ain't cool

  • Quality

    You can be assured that things will last but you don't get the solidity feel as you do from more expensive Toyota's.

  • Handling

    Actually not bad and better than the sedan version. There is body roll but not to the extent that it hampers. Steering is dead at the centre but good feedback otherwise.

  • Practicality

    They took a lot of customer feedback and even build the car around it so practicality reeks from the car. Fuel efficient engine, comfortable ride, lots of space and Toyota reliability.

  • Running costs

    They claim a fuel efficiency figure of just over 18kpl. Which is decent. Spares may not be as cheap as Marutis or Hyundais though.