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For cut-price motoring, there’s nothing to beat the Nano. Now, you’ll get a feature list worth talking about.

  • Comfort

    Bare basics. Nothing fancy here. But the top-end gets Bleutooth connectivity.

  • Performance

    It's a crime to ask for performance from a tiny little 2-cylinder 624cc engine. Good enough to get you from point A to B

  • Cool

    Forget about coolness. This is all about inexpensive personal transport.

  • Quality

    Not bad for a super-budget car. Plastic quality is even better than Indigo eCS.

  • Handling

    Tata's got it pretty right.

  • Practicality

    If you associate compact dimansions then Nano is the most practical car in the contry

  • Running costs

    Frugal petrol motor delivers unbelievable efficiency