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Octavia, once again, it's a game changer from Skoda. It does lack a bit of drama, but if that is all that you want, this isn't the segment for you. If Skoda gets the pricing right, this is a car worth waiting for.

  • Comfort

    Supportive and supremely comfortable front and rear seats. Space at the back is impressive too.

  • Performance

    The 1.8 TSI still is the pick of the lot. While the 2.0 TDI feels as solid as before, the 1.4 TSI offers decent performance and good efficiency.

  • Cool

    Skoda cars are known for its tank-like build quality and with the new car, it now looks and feels better than the one it replaces.

  • Quality

    Interior quality and overall fit and finish is great. A notch above the one it replaces.

  • Handling

    Skoda have really raised the bar with the new Octavia. It handles brilliantly and doesn't put a foot wrong.

  • Practicality

    Is a great city/highway car. Drives and handles better than before and if Skoda prices it well, it can be a great VFM car.

  • Running costs

    Skodas are known to be heavier on the pocket when it comes to running cost. But we are told the carmaker is trying hard to sort this out.