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An honest, immensely capable and high quality luxury car with zero wow factor.

  • Comfort

    Double glass windows and a comfortable ride means your chances of catching an eight hour sleep is higher in the backseat of this car, than in your own home.

  • Performance

    Won't give you goose-bumps, but will keep the machine moving at good pace.

  • Cool

    We like understated class and luxury. But this is way too understated. It looks like a Passat that's two shoe sizes bigger.

  • Quality

    You just cannot complain here.

  • Handling

    An able agile limo.

  • Practicality

    You aren't in this game for practicality, are you?

  • Running costs

    Engines are efficient, but whatever you gain on that are nullified by a rather high sticker price. And to those of you for whom money doesn't matter, there are better badges out there at this level.