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  • A hatchback that reeks of style, and quality.

A hatchback that reeks of style, and quality. Costly but quite at home on any kind of road.

  • Comfort

    Comfortable front seats, rear seat space very little and a reasonable trunk for a hatch.

  • Performance

    The pair of three cylinder 1.2-litre engines in petrol and diesel are barely adequate. The recently 1.6 is for the enthusuats.

  • Cool

    Supremely attractive design draws a lot of attention. Design won't go out of style anytime soon.

  • Quality

    Build quality feels solid and the cabin is well put together. Could do with a few more features though.

  • Handling

    For a car that rides very well, the Polo manages to handle itself rather well around corners.

  • Practicality

    Reasonable space and a wide choice of engines makes it practical for a wide range of people.

  • Running costs

    Volkswagen's taken care to localise a high degree of materials used in the car to keep running costs down.