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Essentially an expensive Micra with a GT-R nose and a Renault badge. Yes, this is exactly what we need.

  • Comfort

    As spacious (or not) as a Nissan Micra. Comfortable for four. Ride is a bit bouncy, though.

  • Performance

    The engine is meant solely to induce the car to move. Not to burn rubber. Not to make your hair stand on an end.

  • Cool

    Its nose looks like a Nissan GT-R. Which is cool. But the rest of it looks like a Micra. Which is not.

  • Quality

    The interiors have dreary grey all around. And the car isn't what you'd call built from an iron block. But quality is on par with rest of competition.

  • Handling

    Not the car you want to straighten out corners in.

  • Practicality

    If practicality for you means small, then this is hugely practical.

  • Running costs

    Is slightly more expensive than the Micra, which is what it is. But it runs on diesel. So won't keep drilling into your bank account.