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  • There are more economical ways of moving seven people than the R-Class.

The R isn't bad for a people mover, but it needs to be way more comfortable. Besides, stuff like the GL can seat seven anyway.

  • Comfort

    The most luxurious people mover ever must be setting some new benchmarks for comfort. It doesn't. Ride is a bit choppy. Spacious seating on all three rows, though.

  • Performance

    Has the same 3.5-litre V6 petrol that powers everything from Merc's office coffee machine to even the SL. It won't have you palpitating in excitement, nor is it that economical.

  • Cool

    It says, "I am rich. I have a large family. But I can afford only one car." And that one car isn't terribly good, either. That last bit is our addition.

  • Quality

    Typically Merc. One thing in this car, we won't complain about.

  • Handling

    Too much body roll, squealing tyres and an over-sized steering wheel. All of this translates to 'stick to straight roads'.

  • Practicality

    With all that space, the R class is something you can live in. What? No. A chemical toilet isn't on the options list. We checked.

  • Running costs

    Being an import, it's expensive to buy and being a V6 petrol, it's expensive to run as well. And for all that expense, that engine won't really scorch the tarmac.