Range Rover


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Range Rover

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  • Spacious, versatile, sporty and luxurious.

Will go anywhere, in total luxury, too.

  • Comfort

    If Rolls-Royce made SUVs, it would be like this.

  • Performance

    Petrol is quick. Supercharge it and it's insane.

  • Cool

    Whoever said straight lines aren't sexy haven't seen this.

  • Quality

    Everything that befits luxury.

  • Handling

    Unsurprisingly good off the road, but incredible on it, too.

  • Practicality

    Spacious, versatile, sporty and luxurious. Now, when was the last time you read all of that in one line.

  • Running costs

    Even the diesel, thanks to the weight is thirsty. Petrols will let you see your fuel gauge ticking to empty.