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As much fun as a roller coaster, and never wavers from its tracks.

  • Comfort

    Not the most comfortable on our roads with the ride having a sharp edge, but is well-damped. But if you are going to wring the last bit of performance out if it, you better be prepared to forget comfort and be ready to be very scared.

  • Performance

    Sure, it's fast. 100kph comes in just over five seconds and unlike the usual 250kph limit, Audi has put the limiter here at 280. Actual speed apart, the sensation of speed is utterly, er, sensational. So 140 feels like 160. And 180 feels like 220. Brilliant. Plus if you have a bar table argument you can shut everybody up with 4.2-litre V8 or even 444bhp.

  • Cool

    It doesn't look like a low-slung, mid-engine hypercar. Well, that's because it isn't a low-slung and it isn't mid-engine. But hyper it most definitely is. And the lines and proportions get you all the attention that's ever possible on a coupe that's based on a sedan. Get your RS in red.

  • Quality

    No big surprises here. Everything is solid and Germanic.

  • Handling

    It handles pretty well, and corners flat. Steering isn't the typical, light, feel-less affair. But isn't a precision driving machine like a Porsche or a BMW in terms of driver feedback.

  • Practicality

    It doesn't scrape over speed-bumps. You don't need to be a yogi to get in or out. And with 455 litres, you get family-sedan type boot-space

  • Running costs

    With 4.5kpl with the pedal to the metal, you could say fuel efficiency isn't obscene. In fact you could get even better, if your right foot is lighter. But this isn't going to take you to the end of the world in one full tank.