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The best value four-door hypersedan out there

  • Comfort

    As usual, Audi lets you select between Comfort and Dynamic modes of the suspension, but none give you the perfect ride quality. Stick to 20-inch wheels instead of the 21-inch options.

  • Performance

    It's faster to a 100kph than a Ferrari F40.

  • Cool

    Matt-finish paint is a cool Rs 15 lakh option. But looks worth it. Even without it, the RS7 has the ability to turn heads

  • Quality

    Typically Audi. Nothing falls off. Everything is where you expect things to be.

  • Handling

    The car handles very well, but does not make the driving experience very involving. It's a point-and-shoot rather than an SLR.

  • Practicality

    The rear has two bucket seats. So it can't accommodate three at the back. But for two, it is very spacious. Plus, hatch-like boot opening and foldable rear seats leave you with 1390 litres of loading space.

  • Running costs

    For the performance on offer you can get anything between 5-7kpl. And for being in Porsche Panamera territory, it only costs Merc E63/BMW M5 money.