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  • Superlative levels of luxury, technology and safety.

Next generation technology, best levels of safety and luxury to match your business jet. At a price.

  • Comfort

    Erm, I hope you noticed the name of the car - it says super luxury - i suppose comfort fits in there somewhere.

  • Performance

    You could choose from a sensible (S 350) all the way to super mental (S65 AMG)

  • Cool

    Coolest in black with LED lamps in action. You could try a different set of alloys though.

  • Quality

    Really? Do you really want to ask that question to an S Class?

  • Handling

    It's a bit of a barge standing in excess of five metres in length, but the AMG is a different story. Power slides anybody?

  • Practicality

    That's inconsequential when you have over a crore to spend and a chauffeur to do all the dirty bits.

  • Running costs

    The diesel option isn't too bad. The petrols guzzle, more as the power rating increases. But does it really matter after you've spent a crore.