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Stealth luxury car that promises top-flight comfort and safety, and decent dynamics. But Volvo should seriously consider making it here, rather than just importing it.

  • Comfort

    Ride is firm, but pliant. And seats are comfy and supportive. You won't complain.

  • Performance

    All wheel drive V8 is a fire-cracker. But the D5 diesel, which most go for, is quick enough for most applications.

  • Cool

    A clean, understated, if anonymous design. Says you have good taste, but prefer staying under the radar.

  • Quality

    From the country that makes Ikea, you can trust the Swedes to know something about understated elegance.

  • Handling

    Chassis seems naturally capable, but Volvo seem to have gone easy with it.

  • Practicality

    It's got no quirks and surprises that harm everyday usability.

  • Running costs

    You can't expect much from a V8, but the 5-cylinder diesel, though efficient, isn't the most efficient around.