Safari Storme


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Safari Storme

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It may not be as fast or polished as modern off-roaders built by more illustrious car makers but it can keep on their tail.

  • Comfort

    Soft and cushiony suspension and one of Tata's most refined cruisers. Well, that's not saying much, but it's the most comfortable passenger car from Tata.

  • Performance

    If life was one straight road, the Safari would have just about sufficed. But then, that's not how life is.

  • Cool

    Design's old, but still grand and opulent for the price. Not the coolest thing on wheels, but can hold its own.

  • Quality

    It's dicey. Safaris have ranged from pretty good to outright horrible. Try your luck.

  • Handling

    It wallows and rolls and will threaten to kill you if you prod it too much.

  • Practicality

    A very sensible, usable everyday car.

  • Running costs

    The fully-equipped versions are pricey for the dynamics on offer, but they are good value as a car. 2.2 Dicor is modern and efficient.