Santa Fe


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Santa Fe

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Not the car to look cool in, but it will leave no stone unturned to play the part of an SUV, and play it well.

  • Comfort

    Rides well and keeps the outside, outside. Good enough for us

  • Performance

    A 2.2 litre diesel may not do much to a double-tonne SUV, but it does enough to catapult the car to a 100 in under 10 seconds

  • Cool

    If you are the types who like big and bling, the Santa Fe will be a disappointment. But if you are the types who like big and bling, we'd find you a disappointment. Understated styling works for us.

  • Quality

    No cheap, Korean bits here. Hyundai is gunning for the world, and the quality of this car shows.

  • Handling

    The chassis is good on tarmac and the twisties and the car is pretty good off the road too. If the steering had more feel, this could have been an enjoyable car to drive.

  • Practicality

    Can seat seven people, or fold the seats and you could get into the movers and packers business temporarily. Is at home in the city, too.

  • Running costs

    Is expensive to buy because it's an import, but once it's yours, we don't see it drilling big holes in your pocket. Hyundai's service keeps your BP in check too.