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  • Fantastic car, V8 maked a lovely noise. AMG is the must have.

The most user-friendly sportscar you could buy and flaunt without breaking your back.

  • Comfort

    Possibly the most comfortable sportscar you can own. Rear seats aren't for people.

  • Performance

    You could have impressive performance with the regular petrols, but get the AMG if you want the wind knocked out of you.

  • Cool

    Drop top sportscars are about as cool a car as you can buy. Add an AMG badge for some respect.

  • Quality

    You guessed right. It's good. Wait, it's great.

  • Handling

    Tail happy, rear wheel drive is great fun. You could turn off traction control and make it more fun.

  • Practicality

    If you're spending a crore and more for a two-seat sportscar, this column doesn't figure in your list.

  • Running costs

    You better budget for the fuel bills that will follow and no you cannot have a diesel.