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This is what you get if an American muscle car slept with an Italian exotic.

  • Comfort

    Heh, heh. A hard ride, ear-splitting noise. Room only for two. It's more comfortable than an Ariel Atom, though. But trust us, you won't complain.

  • Performance

    Performance is so phenomenal, there's only one word for it. Well, phenomenal.

  • Cool

    Obviously, if you are strutting around in something like this, closed doors will open, unauthorised access will be authorised, and exclusive clubs will take their barriers off for you.

  • Quality

    Will last you longer than an Italian exotic.

  • Handling

    This isn't an agile car. And you can feel the nearly two-tonne weight around corners.

  • Practicality

    Riding a bike in a sari would be more practical than this car.

  • Running costs

    As if it mattered.