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  • Competent and able, but not a driver's car.

The real big car for reasonable money at the high end of the market.

  • Comfort

    Will make you wonder if your other car (an S-class) was worth so much more money.

  • Performance

    Hot diesels and petrols make this great for a VIP on a budget who has an assassination threat.

  • Cool

    Looks classy, but could have more design flourishes.

  • Quality

    You'd wonder where all those extra cash went in your S-class.

  • Handling

    Competent and able, but not a driver's car.

  • Practicality

    The rear is a lounge rather than a seat, and has most features you'd want in a luxury car.

  • Running costs

    A bit of a trade off. Won't burn a hole in your pocket, nor the car to get if you are living solely on plastic money.