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  • Petrol's peppy and quick, diesel is torquey.

The best Maruti ever. Looks fab, drives well, has two great engines and lots of equipment.

  • Comfort

    The one big bug-bear. Rear is cramped, and ride is bumpy.

  • Performance

    Petrol's peppy and quick, diesel is torquey. Both touch 100 in just over 10 seconds.

  • Cool

    May be ubiquitous, but still quite a looker.

  • Quality

    Durable and hardy, but not incredibly well-finished.

  • Handling

    Chassis very capable. Can handle 100+bhp engines.

  • Practicality

    Boot isn't very roomy and no split seats. But sensible as an economical and fun car.

  • Running costs

    Petrols are efficient. Diesel is a scrooge.