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Elegant sedan with uxorious interior and refined engine. Would have been good value if it wasn't imported.

  • Comfort

    Good ride and an indulgent back-seat make this an S-class for those of you aren't filthy rich

  • Performance

    V6 sounds nice. And goes good, too.

  • Cool

    Considering about one Teana is sold for every 15 Accords, the Teana has become inadvertently rare and exclusive.

  • Quality

    Well-built and appointed. Has everything you'd want in an entry level limo.

  • Handling

    While it's competent and better in handling than the Accord, Europeans like the Skoda Superb or the VW Passat are ahead.

  • Practicality

    Huge boot and massive rear seats make this a luxo express. Surely not for seekers of practicality.

  • Running costs

    V6 sounds nice but is thirsty. Has no diesel option.