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  • An off-roader that can actually drive well on road as well.

The Thar makes for a very capable off-roader that can actually drive well on road as well.

  • Comfort

    Front seats offer decent comfort, but the rear side facing seats can't be used over long journeys. Thankfully, the ride quality is good, so your organs don't get rearranged every time you hit a bump

  • Performance

    The 105bhp powerplant from the Scorpio has given the Thar an eager shove in the back that was sorely lacking in the old MM540. It isn't blisteringly quick, but definitely fast by off-roader standards

  • Cool

    Old CJ7 DNA gives the Thar timeless classic lines which look brilliant. It will always remain cool

  • Quality

    Quality is just about tolerable. Interiors are spartan and plastics look low rent. Could definitely do with some more quality at least for the interiors

  • Handling

    Handling has improved a lot over the previous generation of off-roaders. But the steering lacks feel and doesn't provide any feedback. Not very confidence inspiring

  • Practicality

    The Thar is essentially a two seater, the side facing seats can not be used over long journeys. There isn't much storage space either. Plus there is no security with the soft top

  • Running costs

    Equipped with Scorpio running gear, parts should be reasonably priced. Decent fuel efficiency won't hurt you too much at the pumps either