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  • More handsome, rugged alternative to the Q7.

If you thought the Q7 looks too girly and the Cayenne has too many nostrils, the Touareg is another option with the same underpinnings.

  • Comfort

    A comfortable five-seater with plenty of luggage space. Ride is rather firm, not too good on broken roads.

  • Performance

    A 3-litre diesel provides adequate power. although there isn't the dual clutch box for its benefit.

  • Cool

    One more big, tall SUV with striking exterior design. Especially cool in two-tone paint.

  • Quality

    Volkswagen's built like a tank and well put together. Interiors look dated though. Fake wood doesn't look good at all.

  • Handling

    Car like suspension and firm suspension keeps the Touareg well under control.

  • Practicality

    Five seats and the promise to take you anywhere makes the Touareg practical for weekend adventures.

  • Running costs

    The three-litre diesel is a fairly frugal motor, but the massive bulk of the Touareg means efficiency around 8kpl.