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  • People taller than 5 feet won't fit in the back.

An incredibly fun car. Compact and practical, too. Worth every rupee just for that engine note.

  • Comfort

    Every crevice and crack on the road will be in your spine.

  • Performance

    Incredible on a straight line. And an exhaust note worth a murder.

  • Cool

    You will get so much attention, you might pee out of embarrassment.

  • Quality

    If it got any better, you might have to put it in a bank locker.

  • Handling

    Though agile, the steering could do with a lot more feel.

  • Practicality

    The boot's big, and the car is actually tiny. The only problem is people taller than 5 feet won't fit in the back.

  • Running costs

    Forget fuel, you will have to be careful of scrapping the underside.