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Fantastic value for a VW sedan; tarmac-smothering ride and still a great looker.

  • Comfort

    More legroom than the Polo and the same ride quality make this a very comfortable, refined car.

  • Performance

    Won't set your pulse rating and all that, but it's adequate. Of course, more power wouldn't hurt us.

  • Cool

    Is a classy, timeless, Euroepan design. And should separate you from the hordes in their Honda Citys.

  • Quality

    You can sense some cost-cutting from the usual VW standards. But it's nothing you can't live with.

  • Handling

    Handles pretty well, but steering is too light to lend the driver with any feedback. Could have been a better driver's car if it did.

  • Practicality

    It occupies more road space than the Polo, but you get a couple hundred more of luggage room.

  • Running costs

    Is cheaper than the City to buy. And engine aren't guzzlers. The key here is spares and service costs. Though VW have localised a lot, they are still new, and it remains to be seen, how they perform in the long run.