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  • Go for the diesel - It's dangerously fast!

Fiesta beater? Oh yes!

  • Comfort

    Well-appointed, and spacious. But ride could be better

  • Performance

    Go for the 110bhp diesel - It's dangerously fast.

  • Cool

    Looks anonyomous. And the new grille in the Transform facelift makes it look like it's trying too hard.

  • Quality

    Unalarmingly Hyundai. You find everything where it should be, and it will remain there.

  • Handling

    It might have a cracker engine, but the chassis cannot cope as well as it should to harness that power.

  • Practicality

    It's compact, and spacious. Want anything more?

  • Running costs

    Not tremendous value for money, but it's efficient, and service won't give headaches, either