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We aren't fans of its looks and its weight. But even we can't deny that the Veyron is to passenger cars what the Concorde was to passenger planes. And unlike the Concorde, the Veyron seems here for good.

  • Comfort

    For being the fastest car in the world, the Veyron can be as comfortable as a kitten on your lap when you want it to be.

  • Performance

    Asking if the Veyron has performance is like asking if Arnold Schwarzenegger has muscles.

  • Cool

    For all its capabilities and all its tech, the styling and the drama is nothing great. It also shows you to be bit of a show-boater rather than somebody who genuinely enjoys driving.

  • Quality

    It's built by Volkswagen and in all these years it turns out that the only loose nut in this car can be the one behind the wheel.

  • Handling

    Technology may have advanced, but the laws of motion and physics hasn't. When pushed, the Veyron does show its weight. Yet, it is extremely agile. Which makes us wonder how much better it would be if they could chop a few hundred kilos off.

  • Practicality

    If your idea of practical is something that can carry your shopping and your furniture, then no. The Veyron isn't practical. If your idea of practical is something that you can look out of and take with you to work, well, it's rather practical.

  • Running costs

    What do you say for a car that can go from full to empty in about 15 minutes? But then, we would also like to run over you in a Veyron for even asking.