Wagon R


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Wagon R

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A WagonR at heart with more practicality bunged in.

  • Comfort

    A big improvement over previous-gen WagonR. Ride can improve, but refinement and wind noise has improved.

  • Performance

    It won't give you much in terms of figures. But the new K-series engine is fun to rev and will keep you interested.

  • Cool

    Despite all the improvements, it's still a box.

  • Quality

    Won't make your heart skip a beat. Either way.

  • Handling

    It's an improvement over the old Wagon R, but still not a driver's car by an age.

  • Practicality

    With an extended wheelbase, legroom has increased, which is a big help. And it will still fit into tiny gaps. Boot is still not the roomiest.

  • Running costs

    Runs on petrol, but is efficient, spares are cheap, and is one of the better buys if you don't want to spend much on a car