Wagon R Duo


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Wagon R Duo

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For the small family that has the penchant for eco-friendly fuel and tall-boy designs.

  • Comfort

    Ride and refinement isn't great. But tall and upright seating is functional and effective.

  • Performance

    This is for getting from Point A to Point B. If you want performance, get some tickets for some F1 around the world, and leave this car alone.

  • Cool

    Tall-boy may be functional, so are long finger nails on men.

  • Quality

    Doesn't set any benchmarks, but is functional and durable.

  • Handling

    If you weren't doodling cars during your physics lesson, you'd know that tall cars don't handle well. So leave it there.

  • Practicality

    Doesn't have much in boot space, but as a compact, everyday runabout, you can't deny it its due.

  • Running costs

    We have just three alphabets to explain this. L P G.