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  • The cheapest BMW you can buy

Its compact, value for money and a brilliant drive

  • Comfort

    The X1 is very comfortable in the front, but the rear is slightly tight on legroom especially if a six-footer is driving up front

  • Performance

    The petrol is just about adequate, the diesel is definitely the one to go for. It is quick and fuel efficient as well

  • Cool

    It's looks bold despite the not so intimidating size. If you can make heads turn, you're cool in our books

  • Quality

    Even though it is the cheapest BMW one can buy, you still get BMW quality levels

  • Handling

    The X1 in India is only available as a rear wheel drive, so a lot more potential for tail-happy moments. Combined with brilliant road manners and communicative steering, the X1 is one fun ride

  • Practicality

    The X1 is just the right size for the confines of the city. And it gets the much needed ground clearance that is so important in India. Apart from the rear seat space, there isn't much to fault with the X1

  • Running costs

    The diesel is quite wallet friendly, but the petrol will turn out expensive if you drive a lot. Spares should be on par with the 3-series