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Fatter new seven-seat X5 places it firmly in the a size category above X3 now - it's bigger inside too thankfully. Can't go too much off the road.

  • Comfort

    Refined, comfortable, and covers large distances with your Armani still smelling the way it should be.

  • Performance

    One of those first SUVs that was designed for the Nurburgring more than for the Sahara.

  • Cool

    We aren't mighty fans, but in a country that gives respect to big SUVs, you might be considered cool if you are inside one.

  • Quality

    Nice and BMW.

  • Handling

    It's heavy and is against all principles of physics and motion. Yet, it works.

  • Practicality

    Seven seats or a lot of luggage space on offer. But we doubt it enjoys Chandni Chowk or Charni Road.

  • Running costs

    Extremely thirsty. Even the diesel. Someone has to pay for all that weight. It's only justified that it is you.