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It's an SUV! No, it's a coupe! No, it's both. BMW has gone over the top with stretching the boundaries for a 'niche' product.

  • Comfort

    If you are looking for an SUV because it's big, you can stretch your legs and can handle our roads, this is the last thing you should be buying.

  • Performance

    Weight and height makes no difference. As long as there is tarmac ahead, it can keep up with the best

  • Cool

    It's unconventional and looks like nothing else. We are happy with that.

  • Quality

    Germanic and BMW.

  • Handling

    As an exercise to prove that weight and dimensions don't matter, if you actually account for it, the X6 is brilliant.

  • Practicality

    Forget luggage space, the rear seats don't have proper room for your head.

  • Running costs

    If it actually mattered, you wouldn't be buying such a car, would you?