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  • If you crash this car, you're either unfit to drive or you're running an insurance scam

For a compact mile-munching soft-roader, it's a good bet. Gives you everything you need. Removes everything you don't.

  • Comfort

    Ride is pretty good, but what's other-worldly is the wind and noise insulation.

  • Performance

    It won't thrall you, but the five-cylinder diesel has adequate power to keep the SUV at good speeds.

  • Cool

    Definitely one of the coolest lookinsg soft-roaders out there. Volvo seems to have finally shaken off that desire to to be anonymous, yet be stylish and subtle.

  • Quality

    Very Swedish and solid.

  • Handling

    This isn't a driver's car, but if you want to flex the suspension and corner really hard, it will do your willing.

  • Practicality

    As a five-seater, this is about as practical you could get. It's compact and you don't have to chalk out a battle-plan over where to fit it in when you are going shopping.

  • Running costs

    Being an import, it's not shattering value for money to buy. But once you have got one, keeping it running isn't too heavy on your pocket.