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Big, spacious and value for money. Dynamics not its strongest point but so much versatile. Now, doesn't look odd either.

  • Comfort

    Reasonably refined for a Mahindra although not in the same league as XUV. Great ride quality. Smothers everything in its way. Bouncy though.

  • Performance

    The base engine is a bit numb. The tried-and-test mEagle engine is the best bet unless if you want faster pick-up in which case the mHawk engine works well

  • Cool

    Long-legged models might tell you otherwise. But people carriers can never be cool even if they are as good as the new Xylo.

  • Quality

    The leather options are a nice touch but quality levels, fit-and-finish almost the same as the older car.

  • Handling

    It's bouncy and with a light steering the that sheer bulk can be a handful. Keep it in a straightline as much as possible and there will be no surprises.

  • Practicality

    You sit high, you sit comfortably and it really works as a long distance vehicle. With three rows of seats you can get more people in too.

  • Running costs

    Diesel engine, cheap to buy and doesn't throw pricey demands at you, save for some diesel.