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A Yeti is a myth. Fortunately for Skoda, the goodness of its new SUV is very real. It's cleaner, greener, smaller and smarter than any SUV out there.

  • Comfort

    Rides over everything and worse without letting you know about much

  • Performance

    2-litre diesel with a 6-speed box is just about right. Not frighteningly fast, never agonisingly slow.

  • Cool

    What's not cool in a car that's slightly bigger than a hatch but can still tread mountains

  • Quality

    Solid and safe

  • Handling

    Lot's of fun to punt around corner. Steering doesn't have that traditional VW over-assistance, which is good.

  • Practicality

    Skoda have packed in a lot in a tiny footprint

  • Running costs

    4WD is demanding on fuel. But is more efficient than most SUVs.