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22 October 2012

Porsche Boxster 2.7 driven

It might not win Top Trumps arguments, but a boggo Boxster is a real driver’s car. Don’t fear basic here

Tom Ford
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Ever since the new Boxster turned up dripping in active this and assisted that, TopGear has been dying to get its hands on a basic version. For no other reason than to check the more realistic variants in the range support the hype being ladled out to the more expensive machines.

It's true to say that there's a paucity of boggo Porsches, but, as far as it goes, this 2.7-litre, 265bhp Boxster is it. It's got optional wheels and a couple of other bits, but is more or less a basic Boxster.

Which means the least powerful engine, with the least expensive manual six-speed gearbox, and mostly passive or standard systems operating on the rest. And it just might be the best version.

Yes, the PDK is brilliant, but there's something satisfying about getting a change perfect from the slightly notchy manual. The engine might not have the zippy punch of the S, but hang onto the revs and you've got plenty to play with.

Similarly, the basic car rides well. It feels slightly more prone to understeer than the PASM variants, but it's safe and secure rather than dull. Conclusion? The Boxster is a good thing all through the range: it just depends how deep you want to option.

The numbers
2706cc, 6cyl, RWD, 265bhp, 279Nm, 14.6kpl, 192g/km, 0-100kph in 5.8secs, 264kph, 1310kg

The verdict
It might not win Top Trumps arguments, but a boggo Boxster is a real driver's car. Don't fear basic here.

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