You’ve got to love these guys – they would dearly love to build plain, sensible cars like Volkswagen does, but they cannot suppress their Gallic creative streak. The result is a history of oddly attractive but badly flawed cars, but the new models are in a different class. Style, reliability and value all in one? Yes, you can.

  • Duster

    Finally a cheap SUV that wont go belly-up around a corner

  • Fluence

    The French carmaker’s opening performance is aimed to please all.

  • Koleos

    French take on the softroader. And a pretty good one at that.

  • Lodgy

    Three row seats, a quiet cabin and not a bad drive.

  • Pulse

    The masculine version of the Nissan Micra.

  • Scala

    The Renault-Nissan alliance's latest by-product is a refurbished Sunny. Is that really a good idea?